Polished Brass/White Trim Collection - Dimmer Switches / Rocker Dimmer Combinations

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Type: 2 way 250va Push On/Off 1 gang
Product code: PG18
Type: 2 way 400va Push On/Off 1 gang
Product code: PG19
Type: Intermediate Switch Module 1 gang
Product code: PG73
Type: Fan Control 1 gang
Product code: PG99
Type: 6 amp 2 way Switch Module 1gang
Product code: PG214
Type: 2 way 650va Push On/Off 1 gang
Product code: PG269
Type: 2 way 800va Push On/Off 1gang
Product code: PG271
Type: 1 way 500va Touch On/Off 1 gang
Product code: PG273

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